Safety procedures applied in Hotel Maksymilian during COVID-19 pandemic

1. Due to our care of Guests’ health there is a limit of 4 people at the reception and 10 people present at the same time at the entrance of the hotel.
2. Plexiglas got installed at the reception, which enables our Guests not to have a direct contact with a receptionist.
3. In the hotel area it is possible for the Guests to use dispensers with hand sanitizer, in particular at the entrance of the hotel, near the reception, next to the lifts as well as after leaving public toilets.
4. The Guests can buy protective masks at the reception.
5. The instructions of washing hands, wearing and taking off protective gloves are available in every sanitary room. Also, the instruction of proper hand disinfection is placed next to dispensers with hand sanitizer.
6. Hotel controls everyday cleaning, especially takes into account disinfection of surface such as door handles, banisters, light switches, chair banisters and other surfaces.
7. There is the restriction of at least 2-metre distance between Guests and hotel staff.
8. The Guests are kindly asked to spend at the reception as little time as possible.
9. There can be maximum 80 Guests in the hotel (excluding the staff)
10. On no account can the people who are not accommodated be present in hotel facilities.
11. In the hotel there is systematic disinfection (at least every hour) of public toilets, lifts, reception desk, door handles, banisters, handholds, phones, computer keyboards, appliances in break rooms and other frequently touched surface.
12. Cleaning the room during the stay is possible only on request of the Guest.
13. After each stay the room is carefully ventilated and ozonized. While cleaning all the surface, equipment and bathroom are sanitized.
14. Our cleaning staff is equipped with disposable protective masks, protective gloves and protective helmets and they restrict the rules to wear them.
15. Sheets and towels are washed with laundry detergent in the minimal temperature 60 ºC. Laundry is delivered to the hotel under all sanitary procedures.
16. Use of dryers in room bathrooms as well as in public toilets is not allowed.
17. We systematically ventilate and ozonize all hotel facilities.
18. Breakfast is served in the restaurant up to table or to room.
19. Restaurant a’la carte and bar are open daily from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
20. Due to COVID-19 epidemic the hotel has the right to cancel or limit such services which can expose the Guests and hotel staff to danger (e.g. bringing luggage to the room etc.)
21. The hotel allotted and prepared the room where temporary isolation of a person with virus symptoms will be possible.
22. In every room there is a list of emergency phone numbers to a sanitary-epidemiological station and medical services.
23. Safety procedures in case of suspicion of coronavirus infection at the Guest are prepared by the hotel.
24. The hotel staff has been trained and educated regarding new rules and regulations connected with COVID-19 pandemic.